We recentlyhad the pleasure of helping a woman who gives back to the community by being a foster mother, and eventually adopting, children with special needs. Markel is a 6 year old little boy with multiple disabilities that is in Anne's care. Markel required a bed that he could sleep in. After waiting 8 months for a hospital bed from medicaid, Markel learned to crawl and was able to get out. The bed had to be returned and he had to sleep in a pack and play while other options were looked at. Medicaid would not cover anything besides the medical bed. Anne found a great Safety Sleeper but could not purchase it on her own. The foundation stepped in and purchased Markel this cool "tent" that is medically appropriate and safe. His sister enjoyed sitting in it with him! Now Anne can sleep well knowing that Markel is safe in his bed. June 2013

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