Raiden had a stroke in utero and as a result has brain damage. He currently has a tracheotomy and feeding tube and suffers from developmental delays. His family requested a light weight manageable stroller for everyday use. Insurance purchased them a heavy chair that could double as a stroller but is just a seat on a metal frame when Raiden was little. The family uses it as a therapy chair but can not get it up and down the stairs of their apartment to use outside of the home. Raiden requires equipment that needs to be carried around and needed something lightweight and comfortable.

The foundation was generously given a Tomato EIO Pushchair from the Caggiano family who had purchased this stroller for a trip and doctor's visit for their daughter. The stroller was used a handful of times and in perfect condition. The foundation blew the dust off and bought padded seat liners to provide the proper support for Raiden. The family was so gracious to receive this stroller in time for their trip to Disneyland through the Make a Wish Foundation. - February 2013


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